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americans who have to pay for their own health insurance now have to switch to fl comply with the law. we'll give the affordable healthcare act a checkup, who will have to change their plans and why, and how will it affect young healthy americans. the success depends on the young signing up in large numbers. >> on capitol hill today marilyn tavenar, the administrator for cms answered tough questions about the affordabl affordable . >> i want to assure you that it can and will be fixed, and we're working around the clock to deliver the shopping experience that you deserve. >> reporter: but new to the hearing, individuals receiving cancellation letters from their insurance providers. >> i would take them back to the free affordable care act days if you were in the market, half the individuals in the market did not stay on their policies, they were kicked off for pre-existing conditions. they saw their premiums go up 20% a year. now, in fact, the issuer has decided to change the plan didn't have to. plans were grandfathered in in 2010. if they didn't make significant changes in cost sharings
by the law. those individuals whose insurance has canceled, they can go back and buy a policy that is that is the same. >> of the administration and not take the warnings that it wasn't ready, but that's not the crux of the issue. back in 2010 president obama said and then said many times over if you like your plan you can keep it. seems like there was an asterisk or something that should have been said there, but it may cost you a lot more money than you expect. there are a lot of people who didn't know that was going to happen. >> well look, the point is it may cost you more. it may save you. over all by your estimates people in this market will end up paying on average much less than they paid beforehand. once you factor in the tax credits they can get but that's not true for everybody. some will pay more, some will pay less. there will be a probably be a third of this market who pays more. >> again it's just--you can get why this gets under people's skin because that was never part of the sales job. it's not that it may not be real, true and necessary but people didn't hea
candidate mitt romney, as you might remember, signed the law seen as a model for the affordable care act. let's take you now to the president. >> it's good to be back in boston. it's good to be back in boston because one of america's best governors introduced me, de valuval patrick. [applause] it's good to see congressman bill keating here, give bill a big round of applause. [applause] i want to praise somebody who was not here. i just left him. he wears his heart on his sleeve. he loves this city so much, and it shows in what he's been doing for years now, one of america's best mayors, tom benita. and it's good to see all of you. you know, i was just at the airport, devall was kind enough to meet me with mayor benino, and he went back to work so he could wrap up before first pit pitch. i'm well aware that a president's visit is not the biggest thing going on in boston. i understand that. i tried to grow a beard, but michelle, she wasn't haling it. i am also old enough to remember a time when the red sox were not in the world series three times in ten years, but i know the chance to win
. here is representative engel from new york. >> it is the law, and i find it disconcerting that my republican colleagues have done nothing but root for this to fail, and now there is this big show that they are upset from keeping people from signing up fast up. the website will be fixed and millions of americans will be able to get coverage. >> and secretary sebelius is saying that the repair work, the fixes that are being done now will be finished by the end of november. dell? >> randall pinkston thank you very much. randall reporting from capitol hill. as the new healthcare law rolls out slurers are mailing out millions of letters to customers who buy their own coverage. the message they are receiving is their old policy is no longer viable under the affordable care act. >> reporter: greg flynn and his wife anita got an unpleasant surprise from their insurance company this september. their health premiums are currently doubling. they currently pay $629. but in a letter the insurance company said they are ending its policy and offering a new one that meets the new criteria. the pr
for not enrolling under the new law is effectively waved for six weeks. the new deadline will be march 31st. if you are one of the estimated 15 million americans who buy your own insurance, you are not employed through an employer or insured through an employer, you have to sign up for coverage by the deadline or face a penalty. you can do that through your insurer or go to the government changes, assuming works one day. >> 8.5 million of 15 million could qualify for a subsidy. the affordable part of the affordable care act may be a misnomer for 6.5 millions that didn't qualify. we talk to a couple in carolina available. >> gregs and his wife got an unpresent surprise - health premiums are doubling. they pay $629 to cover themselves and daughter sophie. in a letter blue cross blue shield of north carolina says it's ending their policy, offering them a new one meeting the criteria. the price tag $1,500. >> naturally i don't get angry, when i do, you know it. >> greg expected an increase. but not that much. >> out of blue, a letter saying your premiums would almost double was a shock.
. some crack downs are violations of the law. some are declared guilty, falsely, and are forced to confess on state-run television. that makes people confused and thinking what is the president's the. >> it's unlikely the new president will loosen control over the media. we can see this from what was put forward after he assumed presidency. if you look at the members in the politburo, some of them used to be propaganda officials, and they are not famous for being the most liberal propaganda officials. >> the leader of the party, people pin high hope on xi jinping, and the tone has changed a little. i don't see at the moment that xi jinping will change the media or press. maybe he is tightening his control. in that he nings ideology is important to his party. >> policing what is said and spread on sina weibo is not easy. weibo has 500 million users, all in china, twice as map as twitter. last -- many as twitter had. a private run paper says the government has an army of 2 million people patrolling the net. public opinion analysts employed by the communist party. they are the rumo
went to harvard law school. the chicago years were critical. they answered the two big questions in life. what was his self identity as a black man and what was his home if iit was chicago. you have a guy who is intellectually more complicated and more knowing so an and one sees things with a greater degree of complexity. there asthere is an interestingf raw idealism and cold blooded pragmaticism which one saw in the whole syria mess. his first impulse was to act in what he thought was the highest morally defensible way and go in there for the chemical weapons and the more he thought about it and what was going on in the u.n. and what the ramifications were w. h , he decided no. he headed back to the united nation and threw it in their lap. >> bill, do you think any of these things will stick he has three years left. >> they are republican controversy. and they were trying to get the president involved. ronald reagan had the iran contra. and bill clinton had the lewinsky scandal and he survived and so far obama is surviving too. >> it will be interesting to he 15seewhat the next
, and the response from law enforcement, the response from those who are responsible for that airport and the surroundings. how did it all play out? >> well, on the one hand one of the things that played out here one of the kinds of nightmare scenarios that passengers law enforcement and tsa think that is an attack by a person who is apparently at least acting alone. there is no warning. there is no group. there is no history of this sort of thing happening. frankly, anyone who is thinking that this sort of attack has a wealth of opportunity because there are hundreds of airports around this country. all of them has to be prepared for something like this. it happened to be at l.a.x. and you would think that this is an airport with tremendous capability, tremendous firepow firepower, tremendous police force. it could have happened at a smaller airport, but at the same time i think the same thing would have happened, a smaller airport would have had police arrive, and security would have been put in motion. from the press conference earlier the police say this person got in the terminal
. with the new law germany widens the debate. >> more on the website at hello, i'm libby casey. the capitol has been buzzing with high profile congressional hearings on nsa surveillance and the problems with the dare's rollout. in the halls of congress there's a heavy weight lobbying campaign under way to push comprehensive immigration reform. it's week applied by the chamber of commerce is forward.u.s. among others. it's a group founded by facebook's mark zuker berg. >> house democrats introduced their reform. we'll talk with congressman jeff denham, the first republican to join with democrats as a bill respond sore. >> president obama spoke to a room full of advocates at the white house on thursday in hopes of bringing the senate's im grayings bill back into the -- immigration bill back into the spot light. >> it doesn't make sense to have 11 million people in this country illegally an incentive to come out of the shadows, get right with the law, meet their responsibilities and permit ahead. >> the border security you economic opportunity and immigration modernisation act pas
with the affordable care act. >> the problem with obamacare isn't just the website, it's the whole law. >> democrats fiercely defend the law and site. >> everybody needs to chill out, because it is going to work. >> we are working around the clock to deliver the shopping experience that you deserve. >> according to prepared testimony released by the white house, secretary see bellous will admit to some of the problems saying: >> she is expected to blame the website contractors saying they have not met expectations. last week in another congressional hearing, the lead contractors said they only had two weeks in september to do end to end testing of the system, something they say should have taken months. the white house is still promising a quick fix. >> by the end of november, the experience on the site will be smooth for the vast majority of users. >> the obama administration points out there are other ways to sign up. >> they can use the call center, paper applications, then we have in-person assistance available in each state. >> president obama is scheduled to be in boston today. he's hoping to
with the law, meet their responsibilities and permit ahead. >> the border security you economic opportunity and immigration modernisation act passed in the senate in june 27th. it's in the hands of the house. it features border security, doubling border patrol with a boost in funding and mandatory use of force training. a pathway to citizenship, establishing a 13-year pathway to citizen ship and includes security benchmark before they can get a green card. it increases high tech and low-skilled worker visas, requiring a workplace verification system. and law enforcement. detailing protection for workers and refugees, and what happens if an immigrant breaks the law. a poll conducted by a university a month after the bill found that 64% of americans supported the reforms. and 31% did not. on the heels of a government shutdown health care exchange errors and a string of revelations on nsa wire tapping of foreign allies - the push for a vote has been tossed on to washington's backburner. but special interest groups are rallying to reverse that, and national alliance of more than 600 business an
after a judge found provisions of the abortion law unconstitutional, ruling that the measure restricted a woman's action to abortion clinics. the government will continue efforts. >> penn state university is paying $60 million to 26 young men abused by a lecturure. it comes a little more than a year after jerry sandusky was put in gaol for 45 counts of the child abuse. "consider this" is up next. you gone go to for the latest news. balance. given the threat america continues to face, shouldn't these programs go forward with some oversight? >> these programs, we don't even begin to know the depth of them. we are scratching the surface right now. and i can tell you that from representing whistleblowers for years. these violate numerous national laws as well as international laws. so i don't know if it's a matter of modifying them. i think you may not have heard the level of outrage from spain that you did because you didn't hear about the head of the state employing monitored. initially, germany had a rather soft reaction to the idea its citizens were being monitored but the
to remove morsi from office in an act that morsi himself said is against the law. >> the difference between the trial of dr. morsi and the trial of mubarak is that mubarak has abundant authority. according to the law and institution morsi is the president of the rebel. this is the legal and constitutional situation right now. >> if morsi is convicted of incitement to commit murder he could be sentenced to death. al jazeera, cairo. >> meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry now working to de fuse the tensions between the the u.s. and saudi arabia. kerry is continuing his tour of the middle east. it comes after plains of holy spirit of syria, iran and the middle east peace process. >> the saudis are the senior player, if you will, within the arab world with egypt. egypt is in more of a transition, so saudi arabia's role is that much more important. the saudi's ability to influence a lot of things that we also care about, and we work together on. we're working together particularly on middle east peace process on syria, on egypt, and on iran. >> saudi arabia's foreign minister told kerry that
examines the nations largest law enforcement agency and asks who is holding them accountable when they pull the trigger. >> people here call this ambos nogales, or both nogales. but a steel fence built in the name of national security divides this border town. i've come to meet jose's family they live just blocks from where jose was killed. >> his brother diego worked at a shop in the center of town. jose would often meet him to help mop the floor before closing. that night, he never made it. jose antonio was shot to death, right on this street corner. the walls on this doctors office are still riddled with bullet holes. now, the border patrol's explanation for what happened hinges on the fact they say their agents were threatened by somebody throwing rocks on this side of the fence. but standing here, the first thing you ask yourself is: could a 16 year old boy really threaten somebody standing on top of what's at least a 20 foot cliff, and on the other side of that fence? whatever took place here that night, there's video cameras right there which recorded everything that happened. but th
commitment to insuring that we do everything we have to do within the law to keep america safe, to keep americans safe, and keep our allies safe, and that we do so in a way that reflects the need to find a balance, and to recognize the sincere security--rather privacy concerns that americans have and others have around the world. >> reporter: for the european delegation that has just arrived in washington this is more than the surveillance of u.s. leaders phones but the surveillance of tens of millions of european. this is how they framed that visit. >> we need to figure out why this mass activities have been happening and in the end we're fighting a battle security and to keep that balance right. we're concerned about security, and there is a balance to be struck by citizens. >> reporter: over the weekend he told the sunday talk shows as far as he was concerned european should be grateful, it's protecting them from terrorism. this is the theme we're hearing from the white house, that it's about terrorism and keeping them safe. and. >> a british man has been arrested and charged with ha
the shooting began, is a public area and really controlled by law enforcement. and so far from what we see, everyone responded appropriately. sesomeone walked into an airport and started shooting. >> one person passed away and this could have been far, far worse. it was a a according to plan. >> he walked in with a bag and took out a gun and opened fire. >> a lot of officers are learned about behavioral manners. people that have travel being ay and that may come out as well. and there training i in antiterror. it continued past the security check point. and the dramatic video of people racing through the terminal. is there any instruction or agents in law enforcement are given in this scenario to make sure that they don't wound innocent people in the crossfire? >> when thi there is gunfire pee are going to be scattering. they are going to be running for their lies. -- lives. you can see there were exit doors wide open and able to accommodate en.or. accommodate everyone. and people running away and law enforcement running to the danger. zpla>>tit was praif brave a and. has the system got
members of the intelligence community, our military, our law enforcement, that have stood up and said this is our job. and we do it with our partners and our allies. and it has been a great partnership. >> while members on both political sides of the house intelligence committee express doubt and outrage some thought to defend the spying. >> do you believe that the allies have conducted or at any time conducted espionage activity against the united states of america. >> absolutely. >> meanwhile, other intelligence gathering reforms are in the works. democratic senator dianne feinstein and long time defender of america's surveillance operation has called for a total review of all intelligence programs. she said, quote, unless the united states is engaged in hostility against a country or there is an emergency need for this type of surveillance, i do not believe that the united states should be collecting phone calls and e-mails of friendly presidents and prime ministers. for his part president obama stressed a need to find a balance between what is technically possible and what is righ
law that was a model for the affordable care act. visiting boston, president obama said the comparison still holds. >> because you guys had a proven model that we built the affordable care act on this template. >> the president spoke in the same spot where mitt romney, his former rival signed the massachusetts law seven years ago. with many now having their existing health care plans canceled, even after he repeatedly promised they could keep them, the president now says they'll be happier with the new plan. >> if you're getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. you're going to get a better deal. >> but for some, that deal could mean higher monthly costs than they paid under their old plan. >> will you go into the exchanges -- >> i -- >> if you can, will you? >> on capitol hill, republicans attacked the changes and person in charge of them, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, who became the second top official in as many days to apologize for the problems. >> hold me accountable, i'm responsible. >> the website wasn't secur
up with law enforcement power. however there is a layer of security at i remember which includes police and law enforcement support. that sort was very much evident at los angeles. that part of the system, having law enforcement protecting the security check point areas did actually work. they were able to take down this person. >> so when you say that, it sounds like you're saying this actually could have been a lot worse? >> certainly. from all appearances it looks like this was a lone lone persot someone with a coordinated group. they could have easily overwhelmed any checkpoint in this country. but the fact of the matter there is more than one way to protect the airport and the aircraft and to protect the people in that airport. certainly if this person had an intent to randomly kill passengers they don't have to go beyond the checkpoint. there are thousands of people in the non-secure area of the lax who would have been easy targets. but that was not the insend o tf this person. >> the germans are interested in bringing edward snowdon to berlin as a witness for angela merkel
of a controversial state law. >>> surviving superstorm sandy. the cost to open ellis island and the new protection to prevent disaster from a similar storm. outrage over reports the nsa has been spying on being world leaders gross stronger today. president obama has he has ordered a review of the u.s. spy policies,.. >> their capacities continue to expand and develop. what they are able do doesn't necessarily mean what they should be doing. >> the platest allegation involves spain. the nsa is accused of listening to 60 million phone calls. answering questions. this afternoon new complaints from president obama's own party, the head of the senate intelligence committee democrat dianne feinstein says she's totally opposed to the nsa collecting intelligence on u.s. allies. a european parliamentary delegation now talking allegations face to face. more from al jazeera shihab rattans irvnsi. the massive allegations in spain over the last few days. they did talk in general terms, anonymously, the white house is briefing the press on its side of the story when it comes to angela merkel's surveillance. the
, but there have been a whole host of problems with the implementation of the law. now, after initially blaming a volume, they said it was a sign of public enthusiasm, a good sign after the october first launch of the website, now marilyn tavennar, she's over the agency that oversees the implementation of the obamacare. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. we know how desperately you need affordable coverage. i want to assure you that can and will be fixed, and we're working around the clock to deliver the shopping experience that you deserve. >> reporter: a lot of indignation, and umbridge on the part of the republicans. the irony when this website is up and functioning it will help millions of people to enroll in the affordable care act. dave camp is the republican chairman of this committee. from michigan. he wants to know how many people have been successful in going through the website and obtaining insurance. >> do you not know? do you know have any idea how many people have enrolled? >> folks are still in the process of enrol
in the united states that's authorized under u.s. law where the government and n.s.a. can approach companies and compel them with a court order to hand over details about specific individuals in their emails. this is a much more in discriminate approach. >> it just looks like it's just spiraling out of control, the whole spying allegation. why do you think they feel there's a need to go outside of the u.s.? >> well, it's interesting, because there are laws in the u.s. that restrict the kinds of things these intelligence agencies do, like going outside the u.s., they are not subject to u.s. law, so we don't know exactly where the documents do not specify where the points at which these -- the data's being vacuumed up are, but they're outside the united states, so the agency doesn't have to comply with u.s. law. the agency said it is doing everything in order to obtain valuable intelligence about the hostile entities, and that it is not trying to get around u.s. law. the companies themselves are very angry, google said it's outraged that needs for urgent reforms are necessary and going to beef
sandusky. and a federal court rules on restrictive abortion laws in texas. ♪ ♪ >>> the white shouse under fire after another country comes forward to complain about america's surveillance program. a newspaper out of spain suggests the nsa tapped more than 60 million phone lines in that country over a one-month period. this comes as a european delegation is in washington looking for answers. al jazeera has this report. >> reporter: at the white house the presidential spokesman refused to be drawn on reports that the you u.s. tracked millions of spanish foe calls but repeated the nsa surveillance programs are being examined. >> we are doubling a review. we are mindful that some of these disclear us disclosure had tension in our relationships. with new capabilities we recognize there needs to be additional constraints on how we gather and use intelligence. >> reporter: tensions spiked with reports in germany suggesting president obama was briefed on the surveillance of german chancellor angela merkel's phone in 2010 and fast tracked any information gathered correctly to the white house. in t
are not naturalized. but if this is a change in immigration law a lot of them will be encouraged to be naturalized. we make an assumption a and pols bear it out. immigration remains at the top of thish use. >> yes and no. it's a threshold issue. >> what is the future if you have a greater number of young people born inside of the u.s. is their loyalty going to go that way or will immigration still remain an issue. >> a lot of latino voters have members of their familiarly that are immigrants or out of status. >> millions of people have roll tills relatives that have come here. it's not for some as it is for many other americans. so it's real for millions and millions of latino voters. even though they themselves are sit accidentcitizens and able t. the difficulties of working the system and the difficulties of getting the family members into the united states. are all real, very present or one generation past. >> do you see an opportunity to look to new issues? what other things will be on the horizon here. >> bread and butter issues for sure. when the american economy declined in the last several yea
sensitive surveillance information that show the united states government was violating the law and abusing it's power. >> suddenly in my lap had dropped some of the most potent instruments for shining a light on what it is that they are doing, beyond your wildest dreams as a journalist. i had literally, physically couldn't breathe at points because of excitement and shock. >> the source was edward snowden. >> the nsa specifically targets the communications of everyone. it ingests them by default. it collects them in it's system and it filters them and it analyzes them and it measures them and it stores them. >> up to that point, the director of national intelligence, who oversees nearly 20 u.s. intelligence agencies, had been telling the public a different story. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. there are cases where they could inadvertently, perhaps, collect, but not wittingly. >> after the snowden revelations, clapper apologized, explaining that he'd given the "least untruthful"
critical questions after the shooting. a law enforcement official said paul ciancia told them a friend dropped him off. he killed a t.s.a. employees and injured three others. he's under 24 hour arm surveillance. >> the birmingham-shuttlesworth international airport has been reopened after being e vacuated after a threat left on a note in the bathroom. the airport is secure and operations back to normal. those are the headlines. "falled lines" is up next and for more news go to >> over the coming decades, the number of people 85 and over in the us is expected to more than triple... the hope is they'll get good care, and lead an active, secure and engaged life. >> o sixty nine... >> n thirty one... >> the odds are that nearly half of the people in this room will spend some time in a nursing home. and as the business of elderly care grows, making the right choice has never been harder. >> they're putting profits ahead of people and they're increasing those profits on the backs of the nursing home residents who are being exploited, neglected, and abused. it is epidemic. >> t
lawful, with regards to what has been taking place, saying that everything goes through the fisa court, better known as the federal intelligence surveillance act, which is a court set up in washington, d.c., it is run by a judge, and they hear and see everything that happened inside the nsa. randall pinkston joins me now live, you were listening, it was fascinating in the sense that those of us that have been in town for a long time, know they do not talk about these things in open. >> truly fascinating. and they explained that what has happened in the past several months is that the threshold for discussing these kind of sensitive intelligence details has been lured because of the leak of all of that sensitive data by former nsa analyst edward snowden. but the bottom line here on both clapper and alexandar, the top intelligence chiefs of the u.s., the bottom line here is they say they are doing everything they are doing according to the law that they are not spying on any americans citizens without a court order. or for that matter one of them added not even spying on foreign citizen
dollars for a vip table and drinks. no evidence that the gift was ever disclosed as required by state law. >> it would be a crime. so the prosecutors will bring those of violations, because it's easy for a jury to understand when they see somebody receiving gifts and not reporting it >> the calderons are a political dynasty. three brothers who have had a grip on power for 30 years. charles is a leader in both the state assembly and the senate. thomas was an assemblyman, and he's now a highly paid political consultant. that's a long run when we talk about political dynasties, but 30 years is a long time for any family to have routine political influence in a state as big as california. >> lewis destipio is at the irvine. >> the desire to maintain influence within the same family. so initially, having elective offices from one family to the next, using those not to serve the constituency, but to serve themselves, and that's the allegation against ron, that he used his power in the legislature to reward his brother. >> the affidavit refers to the senator's brother, thomas, as the so-called d
in an act that morsi himself said is against the law. >> translator: the difference between the trial of dr. morsi and the trial of mubaraq is he has authority and mohamed morsi says he is the president. according to the law and constitution morsi is the president of the republic. this is the legal and constitutional situation right now. >> reporter: if morsi is convicted of insightment to commit murder he could be sentenced to death, dominick cane al jazeera cairo. >> reporter: we have live pictures we are seeing outside the police academy on the outskirts of cairo. this is where the former, the ousted and former president mohamed morsi is getting his trial underway and temporarily adjourned because of his defiance in court and the judge was hearing the chants of protesters from inside the courtroom and that is another reason he said it was temporarily adjourned and listen to the mood there that we can hear on the streets. [chanting and car horns going off] a few hundred people and it's difficult to tell the number from this ank angle and they ar making their feelings known and we see re
different set of laws. they're governed by the president through the governor, a neighboring province, and so they are excluded. in fact, in pakistan the area is referred to as the alien territory , or the foreign territory. so there is a disconnect between the area and pakistan proper, yet it is part of pakistan. i would like to go back to something that david said about it being a battle zone. i if that's the case, thi this is creating a legal issue similar to vietnam and cambodia, which was not part of the war zone, should u.s. forces be used when there should be some policing done. the problem will continue when the pakistanis are not capable nor have they shown the desire to police the area. >> faiza patel, jump int into te legality of this. >> thank you for bringing that up. i also agree with you. it's not clear to me that the area counts as a war zone. and when go into yemen it's hard to argue that we're talking about a battlefield scenario there. i think there is a disconnect between the u.s. position that it is at war with al-qaeda and it's associated forces everywhere and th
the laws that exist already are actually sufficient on corruption sufficiently? >> i think the biggest problem is there are great laws, but they really don't have the funds or staff that they need to investigate this entire large state of 35 million people. and, you know, what has happened is that particularly at the local level there's a lot of opportunity for bad behavior to go unnoticed, and we have seen in recent years, particularly actually just in recent months, opportunities for for instance water districts and local city councils to beef up their ethics investigation, and for the fcc to be more involved in investigations, and when doesn't rise to the level of the scandal that is now brewing around the calderons, the real question is who is going to enforce problems at the local level. and we don't have a robust system to do that. i think we need to invest our money where our mouth is if the legislature thinks this is a real issue. what they need to do is put money in for the fcc and improve at the local level. >> kathy has mentioned this idea in terms of reform people mobilizin
by a federal appeals court, reversing a law blocked three days ago. the measure provides any doctor who provides abortions to get admission privileges at a hospital. that would leave about 27 facilities to serve the entire state. >> the stop and frisk tactic used by new york city police gets the backing of a federal appeals court. thursday, the judges blocked an earlier decision that would have stopped the practice. the lower court had ruled that it's unconstitutional. critics say the policy lets the officers unfairly target blacks and latinos. the police commissioner credits stop and frisk for the city's lower crime rate. >> the lowest number of murders at this point in time, october 31 of 2013, probably the lowest it's been since in october 31 perhaps in the 1940's, so that's how safe the city is. our tactics and strategies, i think have worked, continued to work. >> the legal battle may be short-lived. a new mayor will be chosen on tuesday and the heavily favored democratic candidate opposes stop and frisk. >> today is the first day on the job for senator cory booker, sworn in thursd
himself said is against the law. >> the difference between the actual of dr. morsi and the trial of mubarak is that mubarak has no authority while president morsi insists he is still president. this is the legal and constitutional situation right now. >> reporter: if morsi is convicted of incitement to commit murder, he could be sentenced to death. dominick cane, al jazeera. >> pakistani president musharraf has been granted bail. he has been charged with the deadeath of benzar butu. >> reporter: musharraf, who was president, ordered a team to storm a house of worship. among those killed was gazi's father, the man who ran the mosque and it's affiliated schools. some of the supporters involved in the violence were his students. he wanted islamic law imposed. they said the former ruler was personally responsible for the deaths. >> musharraf said that they were terrorists. my father never hurt anyone. musharraf is the terrorist. he ordered the killing. >> reporter: those who lost loved ones here at the red mosque clearly blame musharraf for their deaths, but many believe he will leav
for what they did. i can change the laws and those laws will hold other people accountable. so i think that is justice. >> well we should tell you that our colleagues at america tonight are investigating sex crimes on campus. you can see the final report at 9:00 eastern. >> president obama spoke to world leaders during a conference in washington aimed at attracting foreign invest. >> you should find that there is no substitute for those proud words "made in america" and here are three more words "select usa. "when you do yo will do you wile world's best workers and a government and president who is committed to helping you find good johns. good -- jobs this is the first time they have foreign direct investment makes up 16% of america's gross domestic product. >> as you have been hearing millions of americans who rely on food stamps could be in for a tougher time from friday on. that is when payments will be reduced to levels before president obama took office. ali will bali veshi will be talt this and i can't wait for his show. we have him for a couple of minutes. ali why will people g
court reinstituted restrictions put in place by the state government. the law requir-- the president planned parenthood says they'll continue to fight the restrictions. >> the u.n. says the humanitarian crisis in syria is critical. there's 2.2 million refugees and 4 million displaced living as refugees in the country. the syrian observatory for human rights says more than 120,000 people have been killed since the start of the civil war. >> iraqi prime minister nouri al-maliki is asking for u.s. help to fight the growing insurgency in his country. he's requesting apache helicopters and other military hardware. thousands of iraqis died in violence. some blame nouri al-maliki for failing to contain the violence. "america tonight" is up next. and for the latest news go to exclusive, a california senator kicked off the state's prominent film commission less than 24 hours after our investigative report. >>> good evening, i'm joie chen. we begin with breaking news at that hour. there are major developments in our exclusive investigation into one of california's most powerful
: how do you write a law? how do you define that? do you say that any two people who love each other can be considered married? and then what do you say to the person who says, but we are three people and we love each other. why are you leaving us out of that equation? so these are where the questions get more complicated and harder to define and harder to write into law and make everybody feel good about it. >> that's why socies historicale referred to the con jugal definition of marriage. >> why marriage? why do you think that now more than ever, the republican party, members of the republican party are open to this idea of gay marria marriage? >> it's an issue that's evolved. barack obama only came out in favor of gay marriage a relatively short time ago. i think this gets at a long-standing division in the republican party that tyler alluded to, about individual freedom. the republicans were better supporters of civil liabilities issues than democrats. it's only really with the introduction of the evangelical community that you actually start to get a move away from civil liberties i
tell you that from representing whistleblowers for years. these violate numerous national laws as well as international laws. so i don't know if it's a matter of modifying them. i think you may not have heard the level of outrage from spain that you did because you didn't hear about the head of the state employing monitored. initially, germany had a rather soft reaction to the idea its citizens were being monitored but then when angela merkel found out she was being monitored, she was furious. i am not sure why we are monitoring. historically, i agree that intelligence agencies and embassies of other states monitor each other all the time. i don't think anyone has a problem request that buzz when you are monitoring a entirely innocent population and the head of state for that particular country, that seems like a breadth of surveillance that has no historical precedent. >> they say we weren't really listening to the phone calls of all of these citizens. it was the meta data argument that they are keeping drag of whom is calling whom. citizens in spain could be connect with people in pa
romney signed that law which was the model for the affordable care act. mike viqueira joins us now from the white house. mike, over to you. >> reporter: the president went on offense with all its problems andrew a parallel with a through had its glitches. president obama said the comparison still holds. >> because you guys had a proven model that we built the affordable care act on this template. >> reporter: the president spoke in the same spot that mitt romney, his former rival, signed the massachusetts law several years ago. now with the health plan canceled he promised that they could keep them, there is a new plan. >> if you're getting one of these letters just shop around in the new marketplace. >> well, go to the exchanges. >> if you can, will you? >> on capitol hill a rockier questioning for kathleen sebelius. >> you deserve better. i apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> republicans charged the website was not secure and applicant's financial data could be compromised. >> would you agree to shut down the system and do an end to end security test. >> no
into place by the state government. the constitutionality of the law is being argued. it requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. the the president of plan add parenthood will continue to fixght >> a new york stop and frisk policy law has been found to be discriminatory. that ruling is on hold pending the outcome of an appeal by the city. many say they are targeted because of their race. police say stop and frisk is necessary to keep the city safe. >> 47 million families who receive help to buy food will be getting less. >> the faa says airline passengers will be able to use most electronic devices throughout flights, during takeoff and landing. passengers will not be allowed to make phone calls or access the internet. airlines will conduct a safety review before they take effect. those are the headlines - "consider this" is up next on al jazeera america. we'll talk to two people who braved arrests and crackdowns to document all of it. >>> and youtube hosts its first music video awards. it is just a matter of time before the website replaces mtv
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